Raymond Viner Hall House Remodel

A copy of the original hand drawn rendering.

"A unique creation - a house designed for its site".

[An excerpt from The Evening Leader, Corning, N.Y. on Monday, April 23, 1951.]

This house is now one of our most recent remodel/restoration projects!  

Originally designed by Pennsylvanian architect Raymond Viner Hall in 1950 for Mr. and Mrs. Sherrard Clemens.

The current owners have come to us to help them restore their new starter home!


The current front facade.

Raymond Viner Hall lived in Port Allegany, Pennsylvania.  His father was Walter J. Hall, a local builder in Port Allegany who was most known for his construction of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Falling Water, located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania.  This experience at age 28 had a great impact on a young Raymond Viner Hall and would define his philosophy of design as an architect.


Founder, Owner, George Martinec.

Founder, Owner, George Martinec.

Where it gets more interesting:  

      Throughout Raymond Viner Hall's career he became an authority on radiant heat and published a technical manual on the subject for Bethlehem Steel Company.  Bethlehem Steel is located near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the hometown of George Martinec.  George worked at Bethlehem Steel Company in the summers while attending college.

This blog will follow the life of this project!